Find out if you are eligible for government help with your debt.

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How much debt do you have?

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Are You Looking For A Fresh Start With Your Finances?

Reduce your monthly payments and potentially write off debts using government legislation. Our advisors are here to listen and help you understand the options available based on your individual circumstances and see if there's a better solution to help clear your debts.
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Fresh Start With Your Finances

It's our job to get you out of debt

Here's what we can help you with:
Benefit Overpayments by Consumer Debt Help

Benefit overpayments

HMRC Debt by Consumer Debt Help


Credit Cards by Consumer Debt Help

Credit Cards

Council Tax Arrears by Consumer Debt Help

Council tax Arrears

Loans & Overdrafts by Consumer Debt Help

Loans & Overdrafts

Catalogue & Store Cards by Consumer Debt Help

Catalogue & Store cards

Court Judgements by Consumer Debt Help

Court Judgements

Rent Gas & Electricity Arrears by Consumer Debt Help

Rent, Gas & Electricity Arrears

Payday Loans by Consumer Debt Help

payday loans

Buy Now Pay Later Credit by Consumer Debt Help

Buy now pay later credit

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Do I Qualify to Write Off Debt

Do I Qualify To Write Off Debt?

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for reduced monthly payments, interest being frozen or debt being written-off completely using government legislation. These solutions are designed for people struggling with their finances to take back control. At Consumer Debt Help, our mission is to help you get debt free. So, complete the quick and easy form above to see if you qualify for help with your debt.
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Escape The Endless Cycle Of Debt Payments.

At Consumer Debt Help, we understand the difficulty of feeling like you’re in a debt spiral and appreciate it can get out of control so quickly. Once you fall behind, it can be almost impossible to catch up and make a dent in the balances, especially with all the interest that many creditors charge. We work with government backed solutions that are designed to help you get a fresh start and clear the debts once and for all. It is our job to see if you qualify, explain your options and help you become debt-free.
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Cycle of Debt Payments

A Quick Checklist To Make Sure You Qualify For Help.

Are you paying out more than you can afford?
Does the end of the month feel like a struggle once all the bills have been paid?
Are your outgoings more than what’s coming in?
Are you paying high amounts of interest and not seeing your debt balances go down?
Are you having to use continual borrowing?
Are your creditors starting to threaten you with bailiffs or penalties?
Do you have a CCJ?
Are you tempted to take out more credit to clear debts?